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Preparing for Married Life

When we start a new hobby, a new job or learn a new skill, we take the trouble to prepare ourselves, so we can make the most of it. Preparing for our wedding day can take up a lot of our time and energy, but we are starting out on a new phase of life together. It's worth investing some time and effort in giving ourselves the best possible start in married life. In this section you will find articles, books and courses that can give you that "good start". Throughout the rest of the site you will find lots more to inform, entertain and encourage you in the years ahead. We hope you will come back and explore when the honeymoon is over.

 Topic Areas

Local Marriage Preparation Providers
Find out about courses near you that you can attend to prepare for your married life.

National Organisations Providing Marriage Preparation
Some service providers offer their programmes at venues around country.

Premarital Self-Help Resources
Looking for resources that you can use together at home?

Resources for those Wishing to run Marriage Preparation Courses
Looking for resources for your marriage preparation course?

Couple Check-up
Take this comprenesive check up on your relationship - discover the strengths you have together, and the areas for growth.
Service Interest and Advice 
The Gift of Marriage Preparation
Give yourself, or a couple you care about, the opportunity to build the very best marriage - a priceless offer!
Try the Couple Quiz to get a first idea how you relate together
The Dating Dilemma
What are God's guidelines for romance?
New Book Christian Interest and Advice 
Before you say "I do"
Seven Crucial Questions to Ask Yourself Before Marriage from Relate
Book Interest and Advice Just starting out! 
Changing your name - the ins and outs
Changing your name on getting married (or even on divorce) can be an important part of establishing a new identity. Here's the official advice on what you can and can't do.
Service Interest and Advice 
Choosing the Right One: 16 Questions to ask yourself before you marry
A simple and comprehensive set of questions to consider before you decide to marry.
Article Interest and Advice Just starting out! 
Cohabitation vs Marriage
There is a world of difference between just living together, and being married!!
Article Interest and Advice Just starting out! 
In Love But Worlds Apart: Insights, Questions, and Tips for the Intercultural Couple
A self-help workbook for today's adult man and woman from two different cultural backgrounds who are considering, or who have already begun, a marriage partnership with each other
Book Interest and Advice Just starting out! 
Lets stick together
A really simple book full of very effective ways to make sure your relationship survives the arrival of a new baby
Book Interest and Advice Just starting out! 
Marriage by Design
Marriage preparation course from Care for the Family
Videos and CD's Just starting out! Marriage Preparation 
Married for God
Find out God's plan for marriage
Book Christian Just starting out! 
Ready for marriage?
How do we know we are right for each other? What happens if we are not compatible? This book seeks to answer such questions.
Book Interest and Advice Just starting out! 
Why are cohabiting couples so unstable
Insights into the factors behind the relative instability of cohabitation drawn from latest research
Wow Article Interest and Advice 
Why marry?
Have you given it any thought as to why you want to get married?
Article Interest and Advice Just starting out! 
Marriage can save you money!
Five simple ways that being married can save you money
Tip Interest and Advice Just starting out! 
Trained for Marriage?
Have you had any training for marriage?
Tip Interest and Advice Just starting out! 
Growing Together
An excellent and thought provoking book which encourages you to talk through all sorts of important issues
Book Interest and Advice Just starting out! 
Highway Code for Marriage
Wanting to build strong foundations into your marriage?
Book Christian Fine 
Pocket Prayers for Marriage
A wonderful little book of prayers for all the joys and challenges of married life
Book Christian Fine 
Rules of Engagement
A wedding planner with down to earth relationship advice
Book Interest and Advice Just starting out! 
Getting married ... second time around!
Weddings are hard enough to plan the first time round. How do you deal with children, ex-partners, etc?
Tip Interest and Advice Just starting out! 
How to Get Married Again
A guide to second weddings
Book Interest and Advice Just starting out! 
Prenups for Lovers: A Romantic Guide to Prenuptial Agreements
Clear and entertaining, this book is a good starting place for those considering a prenuptial agreement.
Book Interest and Advice Just starting out! 
Prenuptial Agreements
Examine the Pro's and Con's of drawing up an agreement on your property and children.
Tip Interest and Advice Just starting out! 
Thinking of marrying someone from another culture?
Marrying across cultures brings special challenges - examine how this might affect your marriage.
Article Interest and Advice Just starting out! 
Marriage Means
Find out what marriage meant to 36 engaged couples as they looked forward to married life.
Article Interest and Advice Fine 

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