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Teaching about Marriage is now part of the National Curriculum as a required element of a school's 'Sex and Relationship Education Policy'. Presenting marriage in a positive manner, whilst being sensitive to the needs of children who may never have experienced a happy or stable home life, let alone a happy marriage, will be a real challenge. Here we can help you locate organisations and resources working in this field.

Teachers and students may care to look at many of the articles on the site as a basis for class or project work. If you wish to reproduce material from the site for distribution to a class or similar, please contact us as copyright must be preserved for the authors. We will do all we can to gain permission for you to use the material for educational purposes.

Sex and Relationship Education Guidance
Government guidelines for sex and relationship education in schools.
Book Academic Fine 
Your School and Sex Education
Guidelines for teachers, school govenors, school board members and parents
Book Christian Interest and Advice 
A programme to help young people gain a better understanding of the realities of marriage in today's society.
Service Academic Fine 
Marriage Care's work in schools
Marriage Care's Relationship Education and Emotional Literacy programme
Romance Academy
Romance Academy is a revolutionary relationships project that tackles teen pregnancy and underage sex head on.
New Service Interest and Advice 
The Dating Dilemma
What are God's guidelines for romance?
New Book Christian Interest and Advice 
Love for Life - teenage sexuality
'Love for life' was developed in support of their Year 10 and 11 relationships and sexuality programme delivered to schools throughout Northern Ireland. The are committed to a programme that encourages young people to delay sexual intercourse, reduce the number of sexual partners, and affirms the long-term goal setting of marriage.
Service Interest and Advice Fine 
Marriage Education for Young People
The majority of young people still aspire to marriage. How can they discover the realities about marriage?
Book Interest and Advice 
More than just a piece of paper? Young people's views on marriage and relationships
A recent study of young peoples views on marriage and how to teach them.
Book Academic Fine 
Trends in Marriage
A source book for schools on issues around marriage
Book Academic Interest and Advice 
Building Relationships; Developing skills for life
This new book for youth is the core of the Building Relationship Program based on the PREPARE/ENRICH programme.
Book Interest and Advice Fine 
The Art of Loving Well
An anthology of written material on relationships for key stage 3 and 4
Book Academic Interest and Advice 
The Facts behind Cohabitation
A pdf downloadable factsheet about the differences between cohabitation and marriage.
Book Academic Interest and Advice 
The Relationships Revolution
This book explores revolutionary ways of building relationships as we discover who and what God means us to be.
Book Christian Fine 
Sex under Sixteen?
What attitudes do 13-15 year-olds have towards sexual relationships?
Book Academic Interest and Advice 
Family Caring Trust
Community programmes for supporting families
Service Interest and Advice Fine 
Family Education Trust
Promotes responsible attitudes to marriage and family life through research and the publication of resources.
Service Academic Fine 
Marriage Milestones
A series of leaflets that look at various milestones in married life.
Interest and Advice Concerned 
The Other 3Rs
Educational modules for use in schools from Family Education Trust
Book Academic Fine 
The Three 'Rs' of Family Life
Three part DVD to help young people understand the social and personal advantage of stable family life. Primarily for use with 14 - 16 year olds.
Videos and CD's Academic Fine 
Challenging Thinking on Love, Sex, Marriage and Relationships
A booklet full of ideas for talks, discussions and general reading im schools and youth groups.
Book Interest and Advice Fine 

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