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Come in and browse current research and academic thinking on marriage, and its relevance to today's society

Facts about Marriage
Compilation of information about marriage, divorce and cohabitation by the Marriage Foundation
A Brief History of Marriage
An overview (written in 2002) of how marriage has change and developed in UK over the past thouand plus years!
Article Academic Fine 
America's Social Revolution
What can we learn from the way USA is tackling social issues in relationship to family life.
Book Academic Interest and Advice 
Articles on Family issues from US Heritage Foundation
The Heritage Foundation is a research and educational institute - a think tank - whose mission is to formulate and promote conservative public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, and traditional American values.
Article Academic Fine 
Beyond the Myth of Marital Happiness
How Embracing the Virtues of Loyalty, Generosity, Justice, and Courage Can Strengthen Your Relationship. This book debunks the popular notion of what defines a good marriage and shows couples how they can renew and strengthen their partnerships.
Book Academic Concerned 
Breakdown Britain - Fractured Families
Ground-breaking analysis of the state of family life in the UK (2006)
Article Academic Interest and Advice 
Breakthrough Britain - Family Breakdown
Policy proposals to address the issues raised by the Breakdown Britain report
Article Academic Interest and Advice 
Building Strong Foundations - The case for Couple Relationship Education
Does Couple Relationship Education work, what's going on in UK (2008) and what needs to be done to expand the provision to make a difference nationally?
Article Academic Interest and Advice 
Can Government Rescue Marriages?
Drs Stanley and Markman of the University of Denver and PREP, Inc., look at what government can do to strengthen marriage from a US perspective.
Article Academic Fine 
CARE Briefing Paper - For Better or for Worse
A look at marriage, cohabitation and family breakdown; Philippa Taylor - Paper presented to The International Marriage Conference, June 2000, Plymouth
Article Academic Christian 
Changing Trends in Family Life
A valuable statistical overview of Family Life in UK - dated Jan 2002, produced by CARE.
Article Academic Fine 
Cohabitation or Marriage?
A report which reveals the value of marriage over cohabitation.
Book Christian Fine 
Cohabitation: A Christian reflection
A report by a working party of the Board for Church in Society of the Diocese of Southwark
Book Academic 
Does Marriage Matter
What is the importance of marriage for children, adults and society?
Book Interest and Advice 
End of Marriage : Individualism and Intimate Relations
This newly published book reviews the debate surrounding the causes of family change, and suggests that the ‘cultural variable’ has been neglected, and that it is important to look at changes in normative expectations as well as in behavior.
Book Academic Fine 
Essential to talk ... vital to listen
The effect of couple communication on family life - a report from Parentline Plus
Book Academic 
Facts About Marital Distress and Divorce
Drs Stanley & Markman of the University of Denver and PREP, Inc.,review some of the research findings about marital distress and divorce.
Article Academic Fine 
Family Matters
A Report to The Home Secretary, The Rt Hon Jack Straw MP, from The Lords and Commons Family and Child Protection Group, Chairman, Lord Ashbourne, 15 July 1998
Book Academic Concerned 
Farewell to the family?
What has happened to the family today?
Book Academic Interest and Advice 
For Better not for Worse
A booklet aiming to give a policy perspective into how the government, church and individuals can support marriage
For Better or For Worse
A comparison of marriage and cohabitation.
Book Christian Fine 
From Good Intentions to Good Practice
Mapping services working with families where there is domestic violence
Book Academic Interest and Advice 
High Divorce Rates: The State of the Evidence on Reasons and Remedies, Vol 1.
Reviews of evidence on the causes of marital breakdown and the effectiveness of policies and services intended to reduce its incidence, Lord Chancellor's Department Research Series No. 2/99, vol 1.
Book Academic Concerned 
High Divorce Rates: The State of the Evidence on Reasons and Remedies, Vol 2.
Reviews of evidence on the cause of marital breakdown and the effectiveness of policies and services intended to reduce its incidence. Lord Chancellor's Department Research Series No. 2/99, vol 2.
Book Academic Concerned 
Making and Breaking Families
Making and Breaking Families looks at the different groups which go to make a family today. Each have special strengths and vulnerabilities. Helpful, too, for counsellors, teachers, health visitors and anyone working with families today.
Book Academic Concerned 
Marriage Education: what do we know? What should we do about it?
A comprehensive and challenging overview as to what the academic research tells us about the effectiveness of marriage education
Article Academic Interest and Advice 
Marriage in Church After Divorce
Discussion document on proposals to reform the practices f the C of E with respect to re-marriage after divorce.
Book Academic Christian 
Marriage in the European Union Today (April 2001)
NFPI briefing paper on the support mechanisms for marriage and families in Europe today.
Book Academic 
Marriage on MARS
A review by Civitas on how the government’s MARS programme provides resources to organisations that do not support marriage
Article Academic 
Marriage Preparation in England
A survey of marriage preparation in the UK
Book Academic Fine 
Marriage Savers
A survey of the factors adversely affecting marriage and some sound practical advice to all who seek strong healthy marriages
Book Academic Concerned 
Marriage, Cohabitation and the Law: Individualism and Obligation
Lord Chancellor's Department Research Series, No. 1/99.
Book Academic Concerned 
Marriage, Sex in the Service of God
A scholarly examination of God's design and purpose for marriage.
Wow Book Academic Christian 
Is cohabitation the same as marriage?
Book Academic Interest and Advice 
Marriage. A teaching document from the Church of England
A short booklet setting out the teaching of the Church of England on marriage for today's society.
Book Christian Fine 
National Marriage Week Conference 2003
An overview of the key issues raised at the NMW 2003 conference
Article Academic Fine 
Predicting Divorce
Drs Stanley and Markman of the University of Denver and PREP, Inc., review to what extent divorce can be predicted.
Article Academic Fine 
Published papers from Coalition for Marriage, Family and Couples Education
Articles and conference proceedings from this leading US site
Article Academic Concerned 
Relationship Education across the Community to support the family – Conference 2005
Report from the 2nd national relationships conference - London 2005
Article Academic Fine 
Relationship Education across the Community to support the family – Conference 2006
Report from the 3rd National Relationships Conference - London 2006
Article Academic Fine 
Relationship Education Conference 2007
Report from the 4th National Relationships Conference - London 2007
Article Academic Fine 
Relationship Education Conference 2009
The 5th National Relationhip Education Conference: "Building a national agenda"
Article Academic Interest and Advice 
Relationship Education Conference 2012
The 6th National Relationhip Education Conference: "The Final Piece of the Jigsaw"
Academic Interest and Advice 
Search for Opinion polls on Marriage
MORI conduct hundreds of polls each year, and report on polls by others. Here you can check for info on their latest findings.
Service Academic Interest and Advice 
Sex and Relationship Education Guidance
Government guidelines for sex and relationship education in schools.
Book Academic Fine 
Sex under Sixteen?
What attitudes do 13-15 year-olds have towards sexual relationships?
Book Academic Interest and Advice 
Sexual Behaviour in Britain
Survey of sexual habits in Britain
Book Academic Concerned 
Soaps and the Family
How far are TV and radio programmes representative of real families in Britain.
Book Academic 
Something to Celebrate
Report from Church of England on valuing families in society
Book Academic Christian 
Strengthening Couples and Marriage in Low-Income Communities
An excellent US article on the reasons for addressing the reasons for focusing marriage policies on low income groups
Article Academic Interest and Advice 
Stronger Families for Everyone
A consultation paper from the Conservative Christian Fellowship
Book Academic Christian 
Supporting Families
Family Policy Studies Centre, Family Briefing Paper 11, June 1999
Book Academic Interest and Advice 
Supporting Families. A Consultation Document
A consultation document published in November 1998 on how to support families in the UK.
Book Academic Concerned 
Supporting Families. Summary of Responses to the Consultation Document
A summary of over one thousand responses to the government's consultation document on Supporting Families.
Book Academic Interest and Advice 
Survey of Marriage Success
Full survey conducted in USA into what makes a successful marriage
Article Academic Fine 
The Case for Marriage : Why Married People Are Happier, Healthier, and Better Off Financially
A positive overview of all the benefits of marriage, with practical advice on getting them in your relationship.
Book Interest and Advice Concerned 
The Clinical Handbook of Marriage and Couples Intervention
A critical review of knowledge in this area
Book Academic Interest and Advice 
The Cost of Family Breakdown
The family in Britain is in crisis - what are the economic and social costs?
Book Academic Interest and Advice 
The Facts behind Cohabitation
A pdf downloadable factsheet about the differences between cohabitation and marriage.
Book Academic Interest and Advice 
The Future of the Family – a crisis of commitment
A review of the current issues surrounding marriage produced by the Church of Scotland
Book Christian Fine 
The Law and Economics of Marriage and Divorce
A detailed practical overview of the interaction of economic policy and law with the institution of marriage
Book Academic Fine 
The Lone Parent Trap - How our welfare system discourages marriage.
A clearly argued paper setting out how recent changes to the welfare system financially penalise married couples.
Article Academic Fine 
The Marriage Problem: How Our Culture Has Weakened Families
In this study of the implications of broken marriages, the author posits that there is a direct connection between Americans' tolerance for no-fault divorce and unmarried cohabitation, and the country's rising rates of childhood delinquency, teenage births, abuse and single-parent families.
Book Academic Concerned 
The Monogamy Myth and the Prevalence of Affairs
A look at just how many marriages are affected by affairs.
Article Interest and Advice Desparate 
The positive effects of marriage: a book of charts
Superb condensed presentation of every aspect of the beneficial impact of marriage based on US data and research
Article Academic Interest and Advice 
The public benefits of marriage: not just a “selection” effect
This excellent article provides an overview of much of the recent work identifying the benefits of marriage, and the probable causes.
Wow Article Academic Fine 
The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce
Breakup's effect on children often reaches far into adulthood, says new book based on 25-year study
Book Academic Concerned 
What works in Relationship Education?
Summary and papers from colloquium held Sept 2008 in London on lessons from academics and service deliverers in the US and Europe
Article Academic 
Why are cohabiting couples so unstable
Insights into the factors behind the relative instability of cohabitation drawn from latest research
Wow Article Interest and Advice 
Why Marriages Last: A discussion of the literature
An excellent overview of the reasons that marriages last.
Article Academic Interest and Advice 
Why we don't marry
An overview of the social and philosophical changes through the Enlightenment, and how they influece 21st Century attitudes to marriage.
Article Academic Fine 
Women, Men and Marriage
Talks from the Tavistock Marital Studies Institute
Book Academic Fine 

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