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Academic and Research Organisations

There is a wide variety of work going on in the UK to understand the dynamics of marriage in the UK, to understand the trends, and to promote academic research on marriage and relationships. Here we list some of the leading organisations in the UK and around the world.

Marriage Foundation
Advocates and champions healthy marriage relationships
Professor Robert Rowthorn
Robert Rowthorn is Professor of Economics at the University of Cambridge, and has special interest in the interaction of economics and the family.
Service Academic 
Search for Opinion polls on Marriage
MORI conduct hundreds of polls each year, and report on polls by others. Here you can check for info on their latest findings.
Service Academic Interest and Advice 
The International Commission On Couple And Family Relations
Provides an international forum in which individuals and organisations can engage in a multidisciplinary dialogue about the issues and challenges couple and family relations face, and about the means by which the related professions can collaborate in responding to them.
One Plus One
One Plus One monitors contemporary marriages and relationships, focusing on understanding the causes, effects and prevention of relationship breakdown, which it has pioneered as a public health issue. Through its unique interdisciplinary team of researchers and practitioners, it puts research into practice in innovative community projects to help couples and their families. It is core funded by the British government and is one of the national marriage organisations.
Service Academic Concerned 
Family and Parenting Institute
The Government established the NFPI following the Home Office consultation on Supporting Families in 1999.
Service Academic Fine 
CARE - Publications and research
CARE, Christian Action Research and Education is a mainstream Christian movement which undertakes campaigning, providing resources, undertaking caring work and bringing Christian insight and experience to matters of public policy, and education.
Service Academic Christian 
Civitas, The Institute for the Study of Civil Society, was formed to deepen public understanding of the legal, institutional and moral framework that makes a free and democratic society possible. Its research includes ersearch into marriage and the family.
Service Academic Interest and Advice 
Family Education Trust
Promotes responsible attitudes to marriage and family life through research and the publication of resources.
Service Academic Fine 
Family Matters Institute
Equipping the church to support the family.
Service Christian Fine 
A leading multi-factor think-tank which includes work on the changes to society, the family and marriage.
Service Academic Fine 
Fatherhood Institute
Raising the profile of fatherhood in the nation
Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships
This is one of the world's leading psychoanalytic authorities on marital and couple psychotherapy and research into the couple relationship. They provide couple therapy, trainings in couple therapy, consultations to couples in distress as well as courses for therapists and counsellors working with couples, consultation to professionals, lectures, workshops and conferences.
Service Academic Fine 
Centre for Analysis and Social Exclusion
Research at CARE, LSE, into the factors that precipitate or inhibit divorce
Centre for Family Research, University of Cambridge
CfFR has a worldwide reputation for innovative research that increases understanding of children, parents and family relationships with a focus on topics that are central to public policy, health care and people’s lives.
Centre for Research on Families and Relationships
Glasgow Caledonian University, University of Aberdeen, University of Edinburgh and University of Glasgow collaborate in this centre launched in 2001 to stimulate family research and cross agency co-operation in post-devolution Scotland
Families, Life Course and Generations Research Centre
The Centre was formed in 1997 to bring together people from across the University of Leeds who were interested in research on issues concerning family organisation and change, new forms of partnering and parenting, diversifying kinship networks and forms of mutual obligation, and all aspects of childhood in Britain at the end of the twentieth century.
Family Research Council
Promoting the values of marriage and stable family life in American society.
Institute for Social and Economic Research
Analysis of longitudinal search using the British Household Panel Survey including information on cohabitation and marriage patterns by ISER, University of Essex.
Institute for the Study of Children, Families and Social Issues
Based at Birkbeck College, Professor Jay Belsky is an internationally recognized expert in the field of child development and family studies. He also leads the Team for the National Evaluation of Sure Start
Newcastle Institute of Health and Society
Attached to the University of Newcastle the research intitute carries out some research into family relationships
The National Marriage Project, USA
Aims to strengthen the institution of marriage through research and analysis. Publications include annual reports and the Top Ten Myths about Divorce.
The US Center for Marriage and Families
Information and links to other bodies in USA supporting marriage
Service Academic Concerned 
The Coalition for Marriage, Family and Couples Education
Leading US "clearing house" for research on marriage.
Service Academic Concerned 
The International Academy for Marital Spirituality
Link to INTAMS, The International Academy for Marital Spirituality, the Belgian based Catholic center for marriage studies
Service Academic Christian 

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