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Kate's Tip of the Week

A glimpse of Joy

Do you remember your courting days, when you were so in love, you just wanted to spend every available moment together. Nothing was too much to do for each other. you felt so happy to be together. Your heart beat faster when you were together. The future stretched out ahead full of possibilities. Perhaps that's still where you are, but many of us find the initial excitement wanes. Little things begin to irritate and annoy and we drift apart.

Is that the end of the matter? The romance has gone, perhaps recaptured briefly by a weekend away or a surprise gift or even a piece of music bringing back lad memories.

No surely that's not the end of it, or how do so many marriages last happily for decades. Isn't it when you discover that love is an action word before it's a feeling. Every little act of kindness, thoughtfulness, care is an act of love that builds something more lasting. It builds joy. Sometimes when I look at my husband and I think of all the things he does for me, of how he forgives me and encourages me; of how tender he can be, considerate, devoted, then I smile and my heart seems to swell. It feels warm and full of a desire to hug him. That's a little glimpse of the joy I find when I stop and remember just how special he is.

Think of the good things in your marriage and take a sip of the joy that can be…

Tip by Kate

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