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"I think you're the most beautiful woman in the world", he says, as she wonders silently "then why do you ogle every girl you see?"

I love compliments, even if I feel uncomfortable with them at times. If I feel I'm overweight, or too short, or too little or too much of something else, I long for comments that help me feel more attractive. The same thing applies to other parts of me such as my personality.

Genuine compliments given freely by my partner reach a special place inside of me. If my partner uses flattery to get what they want however, it becomes difficult to know if what they say is genuine or not.

Maybe something to ask myself at such times is "what example am I giving my partner?" Do I truly appreciate and accept all that's special about myself, or do I "flatter myself" only at times when it helps me get something I want?

Just for Today

If I let flattery give me a false sense of self worth, then I'm likely to overlook hidden motives behind it. If I really want the good feelings that compliments give me, I need to start with appreciating every quality I have.

Today I'll look at a few more of my "warts", and remind myself that they deserve to be accepted by me and others as much as my more "attractive" qualities.

I'll let compliments be a warm reminder of how special I am. The more I accept everything about me, the easier it will be to tell genuine compliments from false flattery.

Flattery looks like friendship, just like a wolf looks like a dog.- Author Unknown

Tip by Bernd Hansen of Relationshipweb

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Copyright, Bernd Hansen, used with permission.

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