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I remember seeing once what I thought was the ideal couple. They were older, and it seemed as if they had probably been married for many years. When I watched them, I saw them hold hands, laughing like little children at times, bringing a smile to many around them. As I looked at their faces, I saw a kindness, a special glow that I wished were mine. It brought misty tears to my eyes, and my heart ached to have that kind of relationship with my loved one.

I wonder sometimes what they found that I haven't found yet? Was it money? If so, then all those divorces of rich people in the news shouldn't be happening. It wasn't looks, because while their faces shone, they were very ordinary looking people. Maybe they simply had lives that were a lot easier than we've had; I don't know. I wish I did at times.

All I know is that I want to be like that couple with my partner - to have love, be playful, natural, and kind. Suddenly I realize something! The more I think about the previous sentence, the more I see how simple the answers really can be. I can be playful, natural, and kind whenever I choose to be!

Just for Today

Today I'll take some time to play, and let myself be naturally me. I'll also choose to be kind whenever I'm tempted to react in anger.

If my partner chooses to do the same, that would be wonderful, but I can still do all of these things whether they choose to or not. I can't change my partner, but I can change what I give to our relationship, and to myself. I have more power to have happiness in my relationship than I realized.

No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted. - Aesop's Fables

Tip by Bernd Hansen of Relationshipweb

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Copyright, Bernd Hansen, used with permission.

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