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Promoting Marriage


Promoting Marriage was formed to link up a number of Christian-led organisations which conduct encouraging marriage programmes in which the benefits and joys of a good marriage are explored. The form in which these are constructed varies between the different organisations and encompasses ministry to both Christian and non-Christian couples.

Each programme seeks to allow couples to examine and build, or repair, their own marriage relationships in a personally fulfilling way. Thus the overall aim is to enhance the quality of married life experienced by each couple. Whilst most offer residential weekends, some of the organisations also provide alternative arrangements to meet individual group or church needs. See our section on Choosing the right programme, or click here for a list of forthcoming dates offered by organisations within Promoting Marriage.

Programmes are presented from a variety of perspectives. In assisting individual couples to grow into deeper intimacy, the programmes range from the more experiential workshop to a strong teaching approach based solely on scriptural principles.

Presentations are usually made to all the participating couples as a group. Most programmes encourage the couples to work through issues on a personal and private basis, and a few find group discussion helpful. Some also offer time for personal counselling support during the programmes.

All the groups listed have glowing testimonials from couples who say that the time spent on the programme was one of the most meaningful of their lives. Enquirers are encouraged to contact individual organisations to determine which programme is most suited to their personal needs. Most can accommodate disabled people.

The organisations in Promoting Marriage are:-

  • CWR - Preparing for Marriage
  • Engaged Encounter (Anglican)
  • Engaged Encounter (Roman Catholic)
  • FamilyLife
  • Intimate Life Ministries
  • Marriage Encounter (Anglican)
  • Marriage Encounter (Baptist)
  • Worldwide Marriage Encounter (Roman Catholic)
  • 2=1 (Marriage Ministries International)
  • Christian Marriage Ministries (formerly Mission to Marriage)
  • One Accord (formerly Marriage Review)
  • Oxford Community Churches
  • United Marriage Encounter
  • Promoting Marriage was hosted by Care for the Family until 2008. The organisations no longer formally meet as there are now other contexts to enable them to keep in touch, but they still offer their programmes.

    Want help selecting the programme most suited to you as a couple? Try our Programme selector for enrichment programmes, or click here for a list of forthcoming dates offered by organisations linked to Promoting Marriage.

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