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Internet addiction and cyber sex

The internet offers a world of possibilities - the problem is that it can be an addictive world. At it's simplest level spending too much time in front of the monitor, and insufficient time on a relationship, can undermine the closeness, build barriers, and lead into problems that are increasingly difficult to deal with.

At it's worst, the net can be a source of erotic fantasy, pornography, illicit relationships, cyber-affairs, and ultimately the destruction of a normal healthy marriage. For more general information on affairs why not visit our section on Infidelity.

Here at 2-in-2-1 we want to bring you access to key resources to help you understand and deal with these issues in your marriage.

Struggling with on-line sexual temptation?
An on-line resource run by Focus on the Family for those struggling with the temptations of pornography on the net, or with a partner they fear may be.
Service Adult Concerned 
Beat the addiction
Advice and information on all forms of adiction, including pornography and sex, and how to overcome them.
Article Adult Concerned 
Block porn sites
Not just a filter, but a system that will support you in breaking free from addiction
Service Concerned 
Dating sites beware!
A personal warning about some of the predators lurking on dating sites.
Tip Interest and Advice Just starting out! 
Naked Truth Project
Opening eyes and freeing lives from the damaging impact of pornography.
Service Interest and Advice 
Resources to help you kick the porn habit
Downloadable online resources for married and single people to help break addiction to pornography
Service Concerned 
Searching for Intimacy
Pornography,the Internet and the XXX Factor - a book for those trying to escape addiction and those supporting them
Book Interest and Advice Desparate 
Online Affairs
Online affairs are increasingly common, and have the same marriage wrecking potential as physical affairs.
Article Interest and Advice Concerned 
Sex Addicts Anonymous
Sex Addicts Anonymous, S.A.A., is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other so they may overcome their sexual addiction and help others recover from sexual addiction or dependency.
Service Interest and Advice Concerned 
Sexaholics Anonymous
An association of individuals and groups offering a Twelve Step recovery programme to people who are addicted to lust, sex, dependency relationships and various forms of self-destructive sexual thinking and behaviour
Service Interest and Advice Concerned 
Sexual Addiction Screening
For helping to determine whether you have symptoms commonly associated with sexual addiction.
Service Interest and Advice Concerned 
Caught in a Web?
Downto earth information and guidance from a Christian point of view from CARE on how to handle your own or your spouse's internet pornography addiction
Service Christian Desparate 
Centre for On-line Addiction
Visit the US leading centre for all forms of on-line addictive behaviour
Service Interest and Advice Concerned 
Protect your family from Internet Pornography
WiseChoice Guards your family from internet porn. Works with almost all internet providers. Free 2 week trial.
Service Interest and Advice Concerned 
Caught in the net
The first comprehensive book to address internet addiction, and what to do about it.
Book Interest and Advice Concerned 
Every Man's Battle: Winning the War ..
Winning the War on Sexual Temptation One Victory at a Time
Book Christian Concerned 
Not "Just Friends": Protect Your Relationship from Infidelity and Heal the Trauma of Betrayal
Infidelity doesn't start when your partner sleeps with someone; its when your partner becomes closer to someone. This practical book will help you work through all the issues.
Book Interest and Advice Concerned 
When a Man's Eye Wanders
Help for men hooked on pornography
Book Concerned 
Link to Dear Peggy.com
One of the most responsible US sites on infidelity and relationships hosted by leading author Peggy Vaughan.
Service Interest and Advice Concerned 

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