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There comes a point in the downward spiral that marriages can sometimes take when we need external help to sort through the pain and difficulties. Asking for the help of marriage counsellor is a responsible positive step - not a sign of defeat! Each of the organisations below provides a counselling support. In addition Marriage Care offers a National Telephone helpline. Follow the links below to find your local branch of each organisation and contact details.

Samaritans - help in a crisis
The Samaritans are there for people in crisis, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - always available to offer confidential, non-judgemental, emotional support.
Service Interest and Advice Desparate 
Choosing "Talking Therapies"
This booklet is for anyone who is depressed or unhappy, or who has emotional problems they cannot sort out on their own. It tells you about the psychological help or talking therapies that are available for adults on the National Health Service (NHS). It explains what talking therapies are and what they aim to do. It will help you ask the right questions and to make the right choices for yourself.
Article Interest and Advice Concerned 
Association of Christian Counsellors
A nationwide umbrella organisation overseeing the provision of nationwide standards for Christian counselling and care
Service Christian 
BAC Directory
The British Association of Counselling and Psycotherapy maintains a directory of its accreditted counsellors.
Service Interest and Advice Concerned 
Contact Marriage Care
Locate a Marriage Care counsellor in your area
Service Interest and Advice Desparate 
Contact Relate
Locate a Relate counsellor in your area
Service Interest and Advice Desparate 
Counselling Directory
A web-based directory of local counsellign services.
Marriage counselling 
FPC Directory of Counsellors
The FPC is the professional body for the Counsellors, Psychotherapists and Group Psychotherapists who have graduated from the Westminster Pastoral Foundation
Service Interest and Advice Concerned 
The Couple's Workstation
Your own personal online relationship coach - available to help 24/7, 365 days a year - it couldn't be simpler!
Service Interest and Advice Concerned 
Christian Counselling by e-mail
Restoration Christian Counselling offer counselling by Christians to Christians and others on line. Restoration relies on voluntary contributions and donations to offer counselling free of charge.
Service Christian Concerned 
Counselling by e-mail
A professional e-mail counseling service from accredited counselors at a reasonable price. Connections Counselling use e-mail to counsel people around the world and help them find options for change and solutions to problems.
Service Interest and Advice Concerned 
Find the Marriage Care National Helpline
Marriage Care offer a national helpline available Monday to Friday 11 am - 3 pm
Service Interest and Advice Concerned 
The Spark
Provide relationship counselling from local centres throughout Scotland.
Marriage Preparation Marriage counselling 
Restoration Christian Counselling
Offer email and face to face counselling to anyone in need, and supervision for Christian counsellors
Marriage counselling 
Telephone counselling from Connections Counselling
For a variety of reasons, not everyone is willing or able to have face-to-face counselling. Telephone counselling is available from one of Connections Counselling accredited counsellors (available in the UK only).
Service Interest and Advice Concerned 
Couple Counselling (Scotland)
Couple Counselling Scotland (formerly Marriage Counselling Scotland) is a Scottish charity. There are 14 affiliated Couple Counselling Services across Scotland. Counselling also takes place in Shetland where the local service is an Associate Member of CCS.
Service Interest and Advice Concerned 
MRCS Counselling
Relationship counselling services in Eire
Service Interest and Advice 

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