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Christian Marriage

What values does Christianity bring to marriage? What does the bible teach? What support and hope can we gain from faith in Jesus?

Marriage, Sex in the Service of God
A scholarly examination of God's design and purpose for marriage.
Wow Book Academic Christian 
Married for God
Find out God's plan for marriage
Book Christian Just starting out! 
Small group resource for couples
Book Christian Interest and Advice 
Top Ten Relational Needs
Identify and discover how to meet relational needs to enhance your relationship
Book Christian Fine 
Marriage - Restoring our vision
So what really is the purpose of marriage?
Book Christian Interest and Advice 
A book to help couples to pray together for the first time, encourage couples who've stopped to start again, and inspire those already praying together.
Wow Book Christian Interest and Advice 
Pocket Prayers for Marriage
A wonderful little book of prayers for all the joys and challenges of married life
Book Christian Fine 
7 Reasons Your Church needs More Men
How to lead a gender balanced church supporting healthy singleness, dating, marriage and youth
New Book Christian Interest and Advice 
Families in Ministry - How to Thrive - Not just survive
Families in ministry face very special pressures - here's a book written by the leaders of YWAM Family Ministries wiith real help and guidance for those on the front line.
Book Christian Concerned 
Mentoring Marriages
Use your experince of the ups and downs of married life to support other couples
Book Interest and Advice 
Raising Faith
Helping our children find a faith that lasts
New Book Christian Interest and Advice 
The Dating Dilemma
What are God's guidelines for romance?
New Book Christian Interest and Advice 
The Marriage Preparation Course DVD
A course from HTB for couples preparing for marriage
Videos and CD's Interest and Advice Marriage Preparation 
The Marriage You've Always Wanted
Useful for couples or small study groups
New Christian Marriage Preparation Marriage Enrichment 
This Momentary Marriage
Unpacking a biblical view of marriage
Book Christian Interest and Advice 
Divorce & Remarriage in the Church
Another look at the biblical background to divorce and remarriage.
Book Christian Interest and Advice 
Does God have a role in your marriage?
How do you see God's involvement in your marriage?
Tip Christian Fine 
Are You sure You want a Christ Centered Marriage?, "Communication in Marriage". Part 7
Find out if you really want a Christ centered marriage and what's involved.
Article Christian Fine 
The Games People Play, "Communication in Marriage". Part 9
Find out whay lies behind the games we play for power in our marriage.
Article Christian Fine 
The Relationships Revolution
This book explores revolutionary ways of building relationships as we discover who and what God means us to be.
Book Christian Fine 
When Your Partner Doesn't Know Jesus
Hope for those who wish they could share their faith with their spouse
Book Christian Concerned 
Desperate Wives
Help and Hope for Women Considering Separation or Divorce
Book Christian Desparate 
Highway Code for Marriage
Wanting to build strong foundations into your marriage?
Book Christian Fine 
Inside Out
Real change is possible - if you are willing to start from the inside out. A healthy look at our human weaknesses and God's grace to transform us and our relationships.
Book Christian Concerned 
A book that challenges our individualism and reveals the power of God's healing through communities where real connecting takes place. A vision of healing for ourselves and our relationships
Book Christian Fine 
Strengthening Your Marriage
Find out in detail what the bible has to say about your marriage
Book Christian Fine 
The Diamond Marriage
Biblical perspectives on marriage
Book Christian Fine 
The Marriage Builder
Another book by Larry Crabb which puts couples in touch with their deep emotional needs and how to handle them in a healthy way which allows them to build strong marriage relationships.
Book Christian Concerned 
Rocking the Roles: Building a Win-Win Marriage
What does the bible really have to say about the roles of men and women in marriage?
Book Christian Fine 
The Mystery of Marriage
A deep book on the mysterious character of married love
Book Christian Fine 
Don't they make a lovely couple?
Six important questions you need to face about your marriage
Book Christian Fine 
Every Woman's Desire : An Every Man's Guide to Winning the Heart of a Woman
A really practical guide to living out the biblical principles of intimacy in marriage.
Book Christian Fine 
Finding God, Finding Each Other
A moving story of the transforming power of God in marriage
Book Christian Fine 
Night Light
Realizing how hard it is to maintain a faith-based marriage in on-the-go lives, this encouraging book by James and Shirley Dobson delivers "timeless truth in ten minutes or less."
Book Christian Fine 
No Longer Two
A biblically based preparation book taking an honest look at the joys nad challenges of married life
Book Christian Just starting out! 
The Book of a Thousand Prayers
A collection of prayers which includes a section on personal and family relationships.
Book Christian Fine 
The Marriage Bed
Helping couples build better marriages and better marital sex lives with information that is scripturally sound and scientifically accurate.
Article Christian Interest and Advice 
The Marriage Book
How can we happily married to one person for the whole of our lives?
Book Interest and Advice Fine 
The Marriage Course (DVD)
A seven part course to strengthen marriages
Videos and CD's Interest and Advice Fine 
Two Part Harmony
Have you left your marriage simmering too long on a back burner - rediscover your marriage afresh.
Book Christian Fine 
Ending the Battle of the Sexes
Reconciling gender expectations in marriage
Book Christian Concerned 
Families at the Crossroads
Subtitled beyond traditional and modern options this book offers a radical new approach to Christian witness through marriage and family life
Book Christian Fine 
Intimacy Human and Divine
Discover how our desire for intimacy is a God-given gift.
Book Christian Fine 
The Act of Marriage After 40: Making Love for Life
Find out how the older married couple can discover the physical intimacy God wants for them.
Book Christian Fine 
The Act of Marriage: The Beauty Of Sexual Love
A look at sexual love for engaged and newly weds in particular.
Book Christian Fine 
A biblical view on Divorce and Re-marriage
Understand the clear biblical basis of Christian teaching on divorce and re-marriage.
Article Christian Fine 
Cohabitation: A Christian reflection
A report by a working party of the Board for Church in Society of the Diocese of Southwark
Book Academic 
Keeping Marriages Healthy
A DVD and work book offering tried and tested principles for discovering the secrets of a really great marriage.
Videos and CD's Christian Fine 
On Marriage as Vocation
Can marriage be seen as more than just a relationship but a calling?
Book Academic Christian 
Supporting Marriage in the 21st century
A Mothers' Union information paper looks at the benefits of marriage and how it can be supported.
Book Christian Interest and Advice 
God's three purposes for marriage
To God your marriage is a lot more than a personal contract - discover His purposes"
Article Christian Fine 
Marriage Works: The Ultimate Guide to Marriage
A convincing apology for traditional marriage, and some good, practical advice about building and maintaining a marriage.
Book Christian Fine 
More Sex Please we are Married
A refreshingly honest look at love,sex and marriage
Book Christian Fine 
The Marriage Masterpiece: A Bold New Vision for Your Marriage
Take a fresh look at the exquisite design God has for your marriage and the reasons your union was intended to last a lifetime.
Book Christian Fine 
Seven Guides to Lasting Love
What can you learn from the stories of seven famous couples?
Book Christian Fine 
The Great Commandment Principle
The Great Commandment Principle provides a biblical priority for ministry and relationships that will restore great relevance to the church and deepen personal relationships with others
Book Christian Fine 
The Marriage Covenant
A short, but clear exposition of the covenant nature of marriage from a biblical point of view.
Book Christian Fine 
Marriage as God Intended
An accessible look at what God's plan is for your marriage.
Book Christian Concerned 
Follow the Maker's Instructions
Some of the biblical principles behind God's plan for marriage and family life.
Book Christian Fine 
A Lasting Promise
A Christian guide to fighting for your marriage.
Book Christian Concerned 
Staying in Love for a Lifetime
A 3 in 1 Collection Consisting of Love Life for Every Married Couple, the 1st Years of Forever, and Secret Choices
Book Christian Fine 
His Needs Her Needs
A fresh, informative look at the needs we bring to marriage and how to care for each other.
Book Interest and Advice Concerned 
The Five Love Languages
How to express your heartfelt commitment to your spouse.
Book Christian Fine 
When marriage breaks up
A guide for Christians
Book Christian Concerned 
How to be the Happy Wife of an Unsaved Husband
A book for Christian women whose husbands do not share their faith
Book Christian Concerned 
How to Survive Being Married to a Catholic
A frank and honest guide to Catholic attitudes, beliefs and practices.
Book Christian Fine 

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