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Resources for Church leaders

The organisations listed below offer resources to support Church leaders in developing local support for marriages and married couples.

In addition many of the organisations listed in the Services to Christian Marriage will provide courses on a local or "in-parish" basis.

Marriage, Sex in the Service of God
A scholarly examination of God's design and purpose for marriage.
Wow Book Academic Christian 
Married for God
Find out God's plan for marriage
Book Christian Just starting out! 
7 Reasons Your Church needs More Men
How to lead a gender balanced church supporting healthy singleness, dating, marriage and youth
New Book Christian Interest and Advice 
The Dating Dilemma
What are God's guidelines for romance?
New Book Christian Interest and Advice 
Small group resource for couples
Book Christian Interest and Advice 
Care for the Family
Care for the Family is a national organisation, involved in running seminars, workshops, research, networking, counselling referals and support on a wide range of family issues.
Service Interest and Advice Concerned 
Growing Together: The Course
A complete marriage preparation programme
Book Christian Just starting out! 
Making the Most of Weddings
How to develop your ministry to enegaged couples.
Book Christian Marriage Preparation 
Marriage by Design
Marriage preparation course from Care for the Family
Videos and CD's Just starting out! Marriage Preparation 
Marriage Education for Young People
The majority of young people still aspire to marriage. How can they discover the realities about marriage?
Book Interest and Advice 
Marriage Matters
Find out how your church can support marriage.
Book Christian Interest and Advice 
Marriage Resource
Resources to equip the church and local branches to carry out marriage preparation, enhancement and counselling. Provides a wealth of resources for married couples, churches and training organisations.
Service Interest and Advice Concerned 
Promoting Marriage
Promoting Marriage is an Umbrella organisation embracing most of the organisations offering Christian based marriage enrichment weekends and courses
Service Christian Concerned 
Taking Marriage Seriously in your Church
Does your church have a comprehensive policy to support marriage?
Book Christian Interest and Advice 
Family Matters Institute
Equipping the church to support the family.
Service Christian Fine 
21st Century Marriage
DVD and worksbook to help strengthen your marriage
Videos and CD's Interest and Advice Marriage Enrichment 
21st Century Parent
DVD and workbook to help gain confidence as parents
Videos and CD's Interest and Advice Marriage Enrichment 
Association of Christian Counsellors
A nationwide umbrella organisation overseeing the provision of nationwide standards for Christian counselling and care
Service Christian 
Cohabitation: A Christian reflection
A report by a working party of the Board for Church in Society of the Diocese of Southwark
Book Academic 
Common Worship Marriage
A helpful introduction to the Common Worship marriage service from Grove Books
Book Christian Interest and Advice 
A course to help couples in the first 5 years of marriage
Interest and Advice Just starting out! 
Families in Ministry - How to Thrive - Not just survive
Families in ministry face very special pressures - here's a book written by the leaders of YWAM Family Ministries wiith real help and guidance for those on the front line.
Book Christian Concerned 
Family Matters Resources Guide
Resources and contacts for the use of churches who wish to provide practical support for marriage and family life.
Book Christian Interest and Advice 
For Better not for Worse
A booklet aiming to give a policy perspective into how the government, church and individuals can support marriage
From this Step Forward
Marriage preparation Course for Step Families
Videos and CD's Interest and Advice Marriage Preparation 
Marriage Preparation info from Churches Together for Families
Information about marriage preparation in the Church of England.
Service Christian Just starting out! 
Mentoring Marriages
Use your experince of the ups and downs of married life to support other couples
Book Interest and Advice 
Naked Truth Project
Opening eyes and freeing lives from the damaging impact of pornography.
Service Interest and Advice 
Psychometric marital inventories for marriage preparation and enrichment; training and resources also available.
Service Interest and Advice Fine 
Preparing Couples for Marriage
How can you begin or improve the marriage preparation in your church?
Article Christian Interest and Advice 
Preparing Couples for Marriage
A handy booklet on setting up a preparation course
Book Christian Just starting out! 
Raising Faith
Helping our children find a faith that lasts
New Book Christian Interest and Advice 
Ready for marriage?
How do we know we are right for each other? What happens if we are not compatible? This book seeks to answer such questions.
Book Interest and Advice Just starting out! 
Romance Academy
Romance Academy is a revolutionary relationships project that tackles teen pregnancy and underage sex head on.
New Service Interest and Advice 
Strengthening Your Marriage
Find out in detail what the bible has to say about your marriage
Book Christian Fine 
The Marriage Conference
This day conference aims to enable people to use HTB's Marriage Course
Service Interest and Advice 
The Marriage Course
An 8 week course designed by HTB that can be run locally.
The Marriage Preparation Course
An adaptation of HTB's popular Marriage Course for use with engaged couples
Christian Just starting out! 
The Marriage Preparation Course DVD
A course from HTB for couples preparing for marriage
Videos and CD's Interest and Advice Marriage Preparation 
The Marriage You've Always Wanted
Useful for couples or small study groups
New Christian Marriage Preparation Marriage Enrichment 
Time for Marriage
Marriage enhancement bible-based teaching and ministry. Weekend and evening courses. Keen to help churches/groups develop marriage ministry. Training programme.
Service Christian Fine 
Don't they make a lovely couple?
Six important questions you need to face about your marriage
Book Christian Fine 
Pocket Prayers for Marriage
A wonderful little book of prayers for all the joys and challenges of married life
Book Christian Fine 
A book to help couples to pray together for the first time, encourage couples who've stopped to start again, and inspire those already praying together.
Wow Book Christian Interest and Advice 
Building a Healthy Stepfamily
A course to help prepare couples for second marriages
Service Interest and Advice Just starting out! 
Can Divorced People get married in Church?
How can someone who has been divorced go about arranging a church wedding?
Article Interest and Advice Just starting out! 
Divorce & Remarriage in the Church
Another look at the biblical background to divorce and remarriage.
Book Christian Interest and Advice 
Getting Married
Are you planning a wedding in an Anglican church?
Book Christian Just starting out! 
Getting Married in Church - Again
Insights and understanding on the issues of getting married a second time in church.
Book Christian Just starting out! 
Marriage in Church After Divorce
Discussion document on proposals to reform the practices f the C of E with respect to re-marriage after divorce.
Book Academic Christian 
On Marriage as Vocation
Can marriage be seen as more than just a relationship but a calling?
Book Academic Christian 
Till Faith Do Us Part
For those planning or counselling mixed faith marriages in the UK.
Book Interest and Advice Fine 
Your Wedding in the Church of England
A helpful book about getting married in the Church of England.
Book Christian Just starting out! 
Christian Guidelines
A ministry working in the areas of marriage and family, and evangelism, teaching and counselling, based in Northern Ireland
Marriage Preparation Marriage Enrichment Marriage counselling 
Growing in Love
Effective support for your marriage from the early years on
Book Interest and Advice Fine 
His and Hers Marriage Preparation
A questionnaire based marriage preparation aid.
Book Christian Just starting out! 
Intimate Life Ministries
Provides resources and lay training in relational skills & marriage preparation and counselling care for marriages.
Service Christian Fine 
Keeping Marriages Healthy
A DVD and work book offering tried and tested principles for discovering the secrets of a really great marriage.
Videos and CD's Christian Fine 
Knowing the Real Christ
Come to experience more of the abundant life Christ came to bring, in every day life, at home, work or church.
Service Christian 
Marriage Care Marriage Preparation Manual
A complete resource for leaders
Book Interest and Advice Just starting out! 
Marriage Care
Resources and courses for marriage preparation, and counselling for troubled marriages.
Service Christian Fine 
Marriage Milestones
A series of leaflets that look at various milestones in married life.
Interest and Advice Concerned 
Marriage Plus A study pack for couples
A resource for church leaders to help couples explore the practical issues of their faith in their relationship.
Book Christian Fine 
Mothers' Union
Promotes good parenting and supports family life and marriage worldwide through local community voluntary action, campaigning and prayer.
Service Christian Fine 
PREPARE/ENRICH Psycometric Marital Inventories Training
An introduction to the Training available in the use of the psycometric inventories.
Article Interest and Advice Fine 
The Marriage Book
How can we happily married to one person for the whole of our lives?
Book Interest and Advice Fine 
The Marriage Course (DVD)
A seven part course to strengthen marriages
Videos and CD's Interest and Advice Fine 
Your Money Counts
A practical course to help you feel more confident about handling money or to help others in this way.
Book Interest and Advice Concerned 
Getting Married
This booklet contains ideas and questions for couples preparing for marriage
Book Christian Just starting out! 
Is cohabitation the same as marriage?
Book Academic Interest and Advice 
Step Carefully
A guide for those involved in marriage preparation where there are children from a previous relationship.
Book Christian Fine 
The Book of a Thousand Prayers
A collection of prayers which includes a section on personal and family relationships.
Book Christian Fine 
The Great Commandment Principle
The Great Commandment Principle provides a biblical priority for ministry and relationships that will restore great relevance to the church and deepen personal relationships with others
Book Christian Fine 
Association of Interchurch Families
Support network and information service for those planning to marry or married and who belong to different Christian churches, one of which is usually the Roman Catholic church.
Service Christian Fine 
Bethany Family Institute
Supporting Catholic family life by supporting families and those who work with them
Service Christian Interest and Advice 
Certificate in Marriage and Family Life
A course to enable those working in marriage and family ministry to extend their training and experience.
Service Academic Christian 
Churches Together for Families
Umbrella group for churches and Christian "Family Life" organisations.
Service Christian Fine 
Couple Alive
Effective support for couples of all ages, with practical skills to make your love last or to renew it!
Book Interest and Advice Fine 
Crusade for World Revival
Weekend courses for Christian couples engaged (for their first marriage), or for married couples, to develop and enrich their relationship.
Service Christian Fine 
Family Caring Trust
Community programmes for supporting families
Service Interest and Advice Fine 
Family Education Trust
Promotes responsible attitudes to marriage and family life through research and the publication of resources.
Service Academic Fine 
Holy Trinity Brompton
Preparation and enrichment courses in London, and resources for local use
Marriage Preparation Marriage Enrichment 
Seven Guides to Lasting Love
What can you learn from the stories of seven famous couples?
Book Christian Fine 
Broken Rites
An inter-denominational group offering mutual support and information to separated and divorced wives of clergy, ministers and Church Army Officers
Service Christian Desparate 
Something to Celebrate
Report from Church of England on valuing families in society
Book Academic Christian 
The Future of the Family a crisis of commitment
A review of the current issues surrounding marriage produced by the Church of Scotland
Book Christian Fine 

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