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Services to Christian Married Couples

These organisations offer courses, resources and materials to support Christian married couples. Many couples have found immense benefit in taking the time out to discover more of God's plan for their marriage - why not do the same!

Want to learn more about the organisations? - follow the links to their sites, or why not post a question, or share your experiences on the Bulletin Board!

Find an Enrichment Programme
Find an enrichment programme or weekend
Service Interest and Advice Fine 
Find a Marriage Preparation Programme
Find a preparation programme or weekend offered by any of the organisations in Promoting Marriage
Service Interest and Advice Just starting out! 
Promoting Marriage
Promoting Marriage is an Umbrella organisation embracing most of the organisations offering Christian based marriage enrichment weekends and courses
Service Christian Concerned 
Care for the Family
Care for the Family is a national organisation, involved in running seminars, workshops, research, networking, counselling referals and support on a wide range of family issues.
Service Interest and Advice Concerned 
Christian Family Network
Christian Family Network - the place to get the support, encouragement, inspiration, and advice you need to help your family flourish in a high pressure world.
Service Christian Fine 
Marriage Encounter - Anglican Expression
Residential marriage enrichment weekends open to couples of all backgrounds. Also marriage preparation, see also Engaged Encounter (Anglican)
Service Interest and Advice Fine 
Marriage Encounter - Baptist Expression
Residential marriage enrichment weekends for couples of all backgrounds.
Service Interest and Advice Fine 
Worldwide Marriage Encounter
Residential marriage enrichment weekends open to couples from all backgrounds. Also marriage preparation weekends, see Engaged Encounter (Roman Catholic)
Service Interest and Advice Fine 
Association of Interchurch Families
Support network and information service for those planning to marry or married and who belong to different Christian churches, one of which is usually the Roman Catholic church.
Service Christian Fine 
Bethany Family Institute
Supporting Catholic family life by supporting families and those who work with them
Service Christian Interest and Advice 
Marriage Resource
Resources to equip the church and local branches to carry out marriage preparation, enhancement and counselling. Provides a wealth of resources for married couples, churches and training organisations.
Service Interest and Advice Concerned 
Thirteen week bible-based course with practical application of principles. Also condensed weekend format.
Service Christian Fine 
Crusade for World Revival
Weekend courses for Christian couples engaged (for their first marriage), or for married couples, to develop and enrich their relationship.
Service Christian Fine 
Marriage Care
Resources and courses for marriage preparation, and counselling for troubled marriages.
Service Christian Fine 
Time for Marriage
Marriage enhancement bible-based teaching and ministry. Weekend and evening courses. Keen to help churches/groups develop marriage ministry. Training programme.
Service Christian Fine 
Catholic Marriage Care Service in Northern Ireland offering marriage counselling and education
Marriage Preparation Marriage Enrichment Marriage counselling 
Association of Christian Counsellors
A nationwide umbrella organisation overseeing the provision of nationwide standards for Christian counselling and care
Service Christian 
CARE for Scotland
Provides a helpline offering counselling referal, practical help, respite care and a number of other caring initiatives across the UK
Service Christian Concerned 
Christian Guidelines
A ministry working in the areas of marriage and family, and evangelism, teaching and counselling, based in Northern Ireland
Marriage Preparation Marriage Enrichment Marriage counselling 
Ellel Scotland
Weekend courses for married couples
Marriage Enrichment 
In-parish flexible marriage enrichment programmes. Residential weekends (for 25 or more couples) and singles workshops. Accessible to non-Christians.
Service Christian Fine 
Good News Crusade
Married couples' weekends and courses for engaged couples conducted by Don and Heather Double.
Service Christian Fine 
Holy Trinity Brompton
Preparation and enrichment courses in London, and resources for local use
Marriage Preparation Marriage Enrichment 
Intimate Life Ministries
Provides resources and lay training in relational skills & marriage preparation and counselling care for marriages.
Service Christian Fine 
Lifechange's focus is development for individuals and relationships through their Marriage Builder course.
Marriage Enrichment 
Marriage Discovery
Refreshing, reviving and restoring marriages
Service Interest and Advice 
Mothers' Union
Promotes good parenting and supports family life and marriage worldwide through local community voluntary action, campaigning and prayer.
Service Christian Fine 
A Program to Help Couples Heal and Renew their own Marriage Relationship.
Service Interest and Advice Concerned 
Seventh-day Adventists Family Ministry
Supports families through church programmes
Service Christian Fine 
Teams of Our Lady
Groups of Roman Catholic couples meeting regularly for mutual spiritual support.
Service Christian Fine 
The Marriage Course
An 8 week course designed by HTB that can be run locally.

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