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Meeting Places

By David & Maureen Brown

For Hearts and Minds to Be Linked Together

This article differs from our '100 plus Hints and Tips' in that this one simply offers suggestions and ideas for couples who, for whatever reason/s, are not as close as they once were.

These are 'one liners' from our various seminars and workshops and we suggest that you dip into them occasionally.

We hope that they will help and encourage you.

Do not two walk together, except they have an appointment and have agreed?

Marriage is a verb – a doing word.

Marriage is a living creation that has to move, or else it dies.

God took a piece out of Adam’s side to make Eve – not out of his head, so that she would be over him, or out of his foot, so that he would trample her – but out of his side so that he could put his arm around her to protect her, and so that she could put her head on his chest and hear his heart beat.

Marriage is a long-term investment with dividends.

God ordained marriage for the benefit of society and a place where children can grow up in security and only when the marriage bond is held in honour is society healthy and whole.

Marriage is made by vows.

Marriage is not a 50/50 relationship – it is 100% both ways.

Marriage without rings – sex without strings.

Appreciate the small things your partner does for you.

Marriage is more about giving than getting.

Learn to listen – responding and taking into consideration the other person’s point of view.

Comfort one another – strengthen one another and meet heartfelt needs.

Love one another.

Love is never passive, it has to be active for it to grow and strengthen your relationship.

Forgive one another – don’t hold grudges or resentments.

Encourage one another – probably the most strengthening and marriage building thing you can do for each other.

Share one another’s burdens – sharing and caring.

Put the other first – respect their views, their feelings and their life.

Confess wrongs to each. Be honest and open with each other, no hidden secrets.

Marriage does not just happen. It has to be built and continue to be built over the years if we are to enjoy the benefits to the full.

Marriage is a continuous process of building and change.

Marriage has to be an open and up-front relationship to enable it to work well.

Don’t go to bed with barriers between you.

Where relationships have been soured it is important that you take the heat out of the problem and not the person.

Relationships built solely on a physical level have to change within the first two years to survive.

It is essential to keep lines of communication open at all times.

Issues that come between couples are like the little foxes that spoil the vineyard of their love.

We accept that we are prepared to pay the price for future benefits to both of us.

Forgiveness is not an option in marriage or life it is a lifestyle.

Forgiveness brings release and healing.

Forgiveness releases you both to love each other in a fresh new way.

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Copyright David & Maureen Brown

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