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7 Powerful Tactics to Break Free From the Affair and Stop it NOW!

By Bob Huizenga


Follow these 7 suggestions and I guarantee great results.

I guarantee that you will feel exceedingly better and I also guarantee that your spouse WILL NOTICE. If you want to STOP your spouse from having the affair, these are your best strategies, by far. They work. With that said, let me also stress that this is not an easy road, but is probably easier than you might think right now.

These strategies work beautifully for most kinds of affairs. I would guess that they are effective in 75% of affairs. They are least likely to work with philanderers and those entrenched in strong addictive kinds of behaviors. To learn more about the different reasons for affairs, the prognosis for each and tips to combat the affair, go to and sign up for the membership.

Also know that these strategies demand strength, energy and emotional control. Are you there? Are you strong enough to control your feelings, to maintain positive thoughts about yourself, at least most of the time?

You may not be. Discovery of the affair usually takes a tremendous toll on oneís self esteem and emotional vitality. You might need propping. You might need to develop your strength and internal confidence before or at least during the time you try on these 7 strategies.

If you are not there, donít worry and donít berate yourself. There are resources to help build and prepare you for these strategies. It is normal to be devastated, angry, lost and confused. But, you can and will move on. One more thingÖand this is a little tricky. Do not use these strategies as a manipulative tool to change what your spouse is doing. He/she will pick up on your motive and see through it. He/she will easily manipulate you back to where he/she wants you (wherever that was to make you predictable and controllable.) You engage in these exercises and strategies because you want to for you. You know that this is the best way to live and at this point, be in relationship with your spouse. This is the best way for you to survive and retain integrity.

Hereís the kicker. A by-product of these efforts is usually dramatic changes on the part of your spouse. Donít be surprised if he/she moves closer. Donít be surprised if he/she does a double-take. Donít be surprised if he/she decides to ďwork on the marriage.Ē But, donít expect it!

The 7 Strategies

In this article
- Introduction
- The 7 Strategies

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