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Couples Wanted!!

Radio and TV journalists, directors and researchers regularly contact 2-in-2-1 looking for couples to appear on radio and TV in a wide variety of shows.

If you would be prepared either to respond to the current specific needs below, or would like to be kept in mind for future requests then please Contact us. We will only pass your name and contact info on to enquirers with your specific permission.

Alternatively, if you are looking to get your story genuinely and sympathetically promoted to the media generally we recommend you contact Right your life, and mention that you came via 2-in-2-1.

Current Needs

Secret Proposal??

Are you thinking of popping THAT question? Are you planning a secret proposal that they will never forget?

ITV1 are looking for people with exciting ideas to make their proposal the event of a lifetime in this brand new TV show. We will follow the individual’s journey from the initial idea right through to the day that they get down on one knee and utter those four crucial words.

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch! Email: Entrants must be aged at least 18 (eighteen) years of age.

Your secret is safe with us!


Channel 4 pilot looking for fun, enthusiastic 18 -30 year old couples

Remedy Productions will be filming a music-entertainment pilot – presented by a HUGE music act – on Friday 30 March, 4.30pm – 7pm in a London location.

Do you live by 'rules' in your relationships? Do you think that it’s OK to admit that your ex was fitter than your partner, but they don’t? Men, do you think that you have the right to wear socks in bed? Ladies, do you think candles are romantic, but your boyfriend thinks they’re a fire hazard?

If this sounds like you and you have other relationship rules you’d love to debate with the country’s biggest music act, then get in touch!

You must be aged 18 or over to attend and admittance will be on a first come, first served basis. Please note this is an unpaid studio audience.

For further details, please contact:

Websex: What's the Harm?

I am from the BBC's TV Current Affairs Department. I'm currently making a documentary for BBC 3 called "Websex: What's the Harm?". In essence it's a serious, not salacious, investigation in to the impact of the internet on our sex lives and relationships.

Part of this is also exploring the impact the internet has had on marriages and relationships. There are many cases we hear where couples have divorced because of discovering their partner has been communicating with other people online and maybe even meeting them in the "real world".

We are looking for potential contributors to the programme, so if the internet has affected your relationship then please get in touch- We'd love to hear from you!

Chloe White, BBC Current Affairs


Rare Day ( has been commissioned by Channel 4 to make a landmark series of five stand-alone documentaries about growing up in Britain today.

We’d really like one of films in the series to explore what it means to form positive and committed relationships through they eyes of under 25 year olds, particularly those who have experienced their own parents separating when they were younger.

We want this to be a positive and inspiring documentary, featuring thoughtful young people making sense of their family background and coming to a realisation of who they are and what they hope for in their own lives.

We’re a BAFTA award winning team used to working responsibly and collaboratively with young people. We will be carrying out our duty of care according to guidelines we've established with C4 and hope that filming itself will be an empowering experience for the people involved and chance to tell their stories in their own words.

If you’re under 25, getting married this year and think you might be able to help with this project, please contact assistant producer Ayesha Tariq on / 020 7729 8699 for more information. There’s absolutely no obligation for anyone we speak to as part of our confidential research to be involved in any filming.


The women’s section of a quality British newspaper is looking for three former couples in their 30s, 40s or 50s to talk about how it feels to share a house or flat with your ex-partner. I’m writing a piece on this modern-day trend and would love to speak to both of you about how you’ve made it work. It could be you’re sharing a house for the sake of your children, or for financial/logistical reasons, or simply because despite being separated you still get on well.

All I’d need is a phone interview with each of you and for us to be able to take a photograph to go with the piece. I can pay each pair £50 as a thank you for their time and also plug any businesses/websites/books etc which you’d like us to.

We’d love to hear from you, so please email me as soon as you can for more details on or ring me on 07976 742 803. Many thanks, Emma


Journalist is looking for couples to take part in a feature about the 7-year-itch and how they overcame it. Except it's not ONLY about the SEVEN year itch, but also the ONE, THREE, ELEVEN and 25+ year itches that experts say are 'crisis flashpoints' in many marriages. For instance, many marriages go through a crisis after the birth of young children. Or when kids leave home to go to university and the couple is left to live as man and wife again rather than a family. Perhaps you've considered leaving, but fought hard to save your marriage.

If this sounds like you - and you do not mind being interviewed AND photographed (no anonymous stories I'm afraid) then please get in touch with There is a PAYMENT of £400 to each couple whose story is published in the newspaper. PLEASE NOTE: Couples must be British-based, they must be married (not simply co-habiting) and they must have gone through the crisis in the last three years (so for instance, we don't want couples who have been married for 20 years talking about their 7-year-itch.)


Are you a woman in your 40s, 50s or 60s – or older – who is in a relationship with a guy in his teens or 20s?

Or are you a man in your 60s, 70s, or 80s who is going out with a girl in her teens or 20s?

If so, Closer magazine would love to hear from you – and to hear all about the secret of your relationship. What makes it work, what makes you tick as a couple? Can you explain why age really doesn’t matter?

You would need to be photographed but would of course be paid. Or if you know a couple like this and can put us in touch do drop us a line and we will pay you too for your help.



Do you and your partner both weigh over 20 stone?

Are you both determined not to lose weight and love feeding each other? Perhaps it’s the curves that attracted you to each other in the first place?

Or are you undertaking severe gastric surgery together in a bid to lose the pounds?

Closer would love to talk to you about your story.

You would need to be photographed but would of course be paid. Or if you know a couple like this and can put us in touch do drop us a line and we will pay you too for your help.


Recent requests

Newlywed/newly engaged couples wanted for new Paul O'Grady show

If you are a newlywed/newly engaged couple and would like the opportunity to take part in Paul O'Gradys brand new primetime ITV1 show, then please get in touch. You could possibly be playing for the honeymoon of a lifetime.

For more info email

Married for the first time in your 40's or 50's?

Did you get married for the first time in your 40s or 50s?

I am looking for a woman who is now aged between 40 and 55, who married for the first time in her 40s or 50s for an uplifting feature in a glossy monthly magazine. It would involve a phone interview with me, plus you would need to supply photos of yourself, and wedding ones. Please contact me at with a synopsis of your story and a phone number. My deadline for this is 2 July 2010 so please get in touch as soon as possible. Thanks. Elizabeth Openshaw


CHANNEL 4's primetime hit TV series “THE SEX EDUCATION SHOW” is returning for an exciting third series!

We're looking for young people between 16 & 25 for a feature on first love. We are keen to hear from young couples who are engaged to be married in Spring 2010 and who are abstaining from sex until marriage.

With current issues in the media surrounding the topics of sex education and abuse in teenage relationships, we believe it’s extremely important to discuss the pressures surrounding sex for young adults in the UK. We’d be delighted to hear the views of people who have decided to withstand these pressures for the sake of their relationship.

We are aware of the sensitivity of this subject and would like to emphasise that all information provided will be handled with care and confidentiality.

If you may be interested or would like to find out more, please email Vari Innes at providing your name, age, contact number and details of why you might like to share your story.

Are you a couple with relationship problems?

Would you like the chance to discuss your relationship issues with a leading Psychotherapist?

Perhaps you love each other but there are problems you can’t resolve on your own?

We’re looking for couples who would welcome some help from the experts to face your issues, reinforce your relationship for the future and get the good times started again.

We are a TV company looking for couples for a new relationship series. For more details contact: or call 0203 1893411.

Are your family not as happy as they used to be?

Love Productions are looking for families who would like to work through their problems and become closer through taking on a unique challenge.

Perhaps your family need some help to get along? Maybe your family have become distant and rarely spend any time with each other? Or are you experiencing a breakdown in communication, maybe your kids don’t understand you and you don’t understand your kids!

We would like to hear from families who would like one last ditch attempt to work together in a unique challenge in a bid to build happier and healthier relationships between the members of your family.

Or is it your extended family that seem to be causing problems? Have they had a falling out? Maybe you just wish they would put their differences behind them and start afresh for the sake of the rest of the family.

Whatever your reason if you want to find out more then call: 0117 9064350 or email:

No sex?

SHE Magazine is currently putting together a feature on sexless marriages, and is looking for case studies.

Are you happily married, perhaps with children, but no longer having sex with your partner for whatever reason? If so, we'd love to talk to you. It will involve a telephone interview and an expenses paid photo shoot in London. We'll gladly give you copy approval to ensure you're happy with the article.

Please contact Siobhan at

Young Christian Engaged couple needed!

Are you under 20 and getting married? Is being a young, married Christian couple important to you?

BBC3 and Renegade Pictures are producing a warm-hearted authored documentary looking at contemporary marriage in Britain.

The film will feature our presenter Cherry Healey meeting seven women and couples of differing ages, situations and cultures who are planning their big day.

We are looking for charismatic brides-to-be under 20 years old, who are willing to talk to Cherry about their situation and why marriage is important to them.

If anyone is interested and would like to hear more about the film then please contact Jess Honeyball confidentially at or on 0207 449 3279.


Are you and your partner going though a rough patch? Perhaps you love each other but there’s one or two issues you just can’t resolve? Or perhaps you could just do with some help to get the fun back into your relationship?

We are a TV company looking for couples for a new primetime relationships series.

For more details contact: Sarah at or call 0203 189 3405


SKY1 are producing an exciting, fun & intelligent psychology TV series. In each episode, our expert team of psychologists and a neuroscientist will analyse an aspect of human behaviour, such as power, sexual attraction and humour with a series of psychological experiments, stunts and clips, involving real people.

For our programme focusing on the psychology of relationships we are looking to feature a variety of couples at different stages of their relationship from all backgrounds between the ages of 19 - 35.

Both partners must be willing to be involved and available for filming this month.

We are casting NOW for open and honest couples who feel that they fit into the relationship types below,

  • Couples in a new relationship (1 week – 3 months)
  • Couples who are happily in love (4 months – 1.5 years)
  • Couples who are presently having difficulties in their relationship

If you are interested in being involved please contact us now for further information and an application form. Please email your contact details to or call us on 0207 324 0723.

We are casting now, so please apply ASAP!

Could your life story become a published book?

The BBC is searching for remarkable true life stories that could become best selling books. Tell us your story and it might be as successful as Calendar Girls or Erin Brockovich

We’re looking for extra-ordinary true life stories from all over Britain. They might be dramatic, heartwarming, funny or sad - as long as they’re true, we want to read them.

Fifteen stories will feature in a major new BBC One TV series called MY STORY. Five people will win the chance to have their stories turned into a book and receive a cash advance of £20,000.

MY STORY is not a writing competition, so you don’t have to be good at writing to take part. Each of the five stories selected to be published will be ghost-written for you. And if your story is chosen, your name would appear on the cover of your own book.

To find out more visit the MY STORY website at, or email Or you can write to us at My Story, c/o PO Box 65655, London W12 2BG. The closing date for entrants in 16th December 2009.

Counselling worked!

I hope you can help me with an urgent request. Did you go for marriage counselling with your husband, resolve your issues and you are still together? I would love to hear from you this afternoon or this evening. I am an author and journalist writing an article about the help available to support relationships and families and your positive story would be part of that. I could chat with you on the phone and it would not take long at all. Please get back to me at I look forward to hearing from you.

Rocky Relationship?

Always rowing but want to give it another try? A TV series may help you work it out.

Are you a couple who always row? Maybe you can’t get over a past infidelity and you no longer trust your partner?

Perhaps you’re fed up with their nagging or laziness. Whatever the issues a unique TV experiment and a weekend with a difference could help you sort out your problems.

Call 0207 529 9530 or email

Have you got a story to tell?

I work in the real life features department at the Press Association. Were the UKs national news agency, and I write true-life stories for various national newspapers and womens magazines. I'm currently looking for amazing relationship stories. This could be any of the following -


  • Love Rats - Did you catch your parner cheating?
  • Relationships that have survived against the odds
  • Did you have plastic surgery to please you parner?
  • Did you meet in an unusual place?
  • Have you overcome tragedy together?


  • Have you overcome an eating disorder?
  • Did you lose a lot of weight?
  • Have you been a surrogate for a family member?
  • Did you have a miracle baby after years of IVF?
  • Do you suffer from a rare illness?


  • Have you been a victim of domestic violence?
  • Were you stalked?
  • Overcome a tragedy?

If you have a story please get in touch! All case studies that are used will be paid.

My email is: and my number is: 02079637236 or 07779234406

Did your husband cheat on you with a younger woman?

I am looking to speak to a woman aged 25-45 who's husband cheated on her with a younger woman, but she agreed to take him back. It needs to be an emotional, heartfelt tale of the difficulties of coming to terms with his adultery. How did it dent your self-confidence? How did it rock the marriage? Did you set rules for him? Did you both work together to get things back on track? What advice would you offer other women in that situation? You may or may not still be married to him, but you will have stayed together for at least a couple of years after the affair to try to make it work. I am a female freelance journalist with 12 years experience, working for a number of national magazines and newspapers. I can pay you for your time - usually a telephone interview lasting around 1-2 hours and you will need to attend a photoshoot. If you're interested please email me at with a recent picture and a brief outline of your story, or just get in touch in complete confidence so I can tell you more about this opportunity. I look forward to hearing form you. Thanks Jess


I¹m looking to talk to couples who are together despite a significant difference that may have created relationship challenges ­ either religious or cultural, class or age or even values.

I am particularly interested in couples who are :

  • Telling their families about each other for the first time
  • Meeting respective families for the first time.
  • Getting engaged or married
  • Having their first child or relocating to a different country

All research is being undertaken in complete confidence, and there is no commitment to take part at this stage. Please get in contact for further details. I look forward to hearing from you- email: or Tel: 0208 960 1446


Pregnant at the wedding?

I'm writing a piece about pregnant brides for a women's glossy and would love to hear from brides who were pregnant on their wedding day - especially if your bridesmaids were pregnant too!

Please email me at

Has exercise helped you over a relationship issue?

I am looking for people to interview for an article about using exercise - any form - as a way of recovering from traumatic break ups for a glossy women's magazine. It could be that you took up a new activity to provide a distraction from your crumbling relationship or you were so depressed post break up that you set yourself a physical goal to lift you out of your rut. Whatever you did, I'd be interested to hear your story. Case studies would need to be identified. There may be a small fee to cover time and expenses, on publication. To find out more from me, in complete confidence, email me at

Have you survived a mid-love crisis?

Almost all long-term relationships go through it – you’ve been together several years, the magic seems to have gone and you’re wondering whether or not to stay. Maybe you row all the time, maybe you just feel your partner isn’t answering your needs, maybe one of you has even strayed.…whatever your circumstances, it’s a pivotal time within a relationship. I’m interested in talking to couples who have been through this and come out of it united and committed to staying together for an article in a glossy women’s weekly magazine. Case studies would need to be identified, and there is a small fee available to cover time and expenses. To find out more, in strictest confidence, email me at or call 07971 027 692

Has anger affected your relationship?

I am looking for people to interview for an article about anger within relationships for a glossy women’s weekly magazine. Maybe you resolved your angry issues or perhaps you ended up leaving – either way, I would be interested to hear your story. Case studies would need to be identified, and there is a small fee available to cover time and expenses. To find out more, in strictest confidence, email me at or call 07971 027 692

Raise your testosterone levels!

Maverick Television are looking for couples who would be happy to talk about their sex life for a prime time Channel Four health show.

Do you and your partner have a healthy sex life? Or are you, perhaps, in need of a boost?

We want to look at the effect of testosterone levels on couples when they have sex, and talk to them about this. We promise that it will be good fun, and you would get to have a nice evening in a good hotel.

If you are interested in this, and would like to speak to somebody about what is involved, please contact Jo Smith at Maverick Television on 0121 224 8380, or

Planning a wedding? Finances tight? Partner deserve a boost?

A TV company is looking for people to take part in a primetime TV series:

  • Do you want to propose to your partner but can’t afford the big day?
  • Do they work in the community as a charity worker / volunteer – would you like to reward them with a wedding proposal?
  • Is your partner currently serving abroad in the armed forces?

We are looking for people who want to surprise their loved one with a wedding proposal live on air and let us film their wedding.

You will be willing to let us get involved with arranging your wedding and be happy for us to film it.

We want to surprise your deserving boyfriend or girlfriend, and ask that you keep it a secret from them, it is very important that the surprise is genuine.

You must be available throughout January and February 2009.

Please send an email telling us why your partner would deserve a surprise wedding to:

Real Life Stories needed!

I'm an experienced freelance journalist for the national press looking for real life relationship stories for publication in national magazines, newspapers and websites.

I'm looking for anything from men and women who have found love in usual circumstances or against the odds (eg different backgrounds, age gap etc), to those who have been hurt in a relationship (love rats, affairs etc).

If you have a story to share, please get in touch at with some brief details. Payment will be made on publication. Thank you

Are you a Mum or Dad who is struggling to adjust now your children have left home?

Perhaps you have packed them off to university, or watched them settle into a new life with friends or a partner?

Are you struggling to deal with the fact that they have gone? Maybe you have kept their bedroom as a shrine to their childhood or teenage years? Or maybe you're desperate for another child to fill the void, or have filled the hole another way? Maybe it's affected your marriage, being alone with each other for the first time in years?

If you are suffering from Empty Nest Syndrome, The Wright Stuff team would love to hear your stories and your advice for other parents dealing with the same situation.

Contact Victoria on 0207 985 1942

Found out he'd cheated on Christmas Day?

A popular women's weekly magazine is looking for a female case study who found out on Christmas Day that her husband or boyfriend had cheated on her.

Maybe the 'other woman' called you? Or your partner gave you a gift meant for his mistress? If that or anything similar happened to you on Christmas day, please get in touch as soon as possible. Email, or call 020 7241 8109.

Case studies must be willing to be interviewed and photographed for a magazine, and we can offer a fee for taking the time to speak to us.

Are You Desperate To Be A Dad?

The Wright Stuff are looking for men who yearn to have children. Perhaps your partner doesn't want kids? Do you experience paternal feelings even though your partner may not have maternal urges? Is it unusual for a man to want a child just as much as a woman?

If you would be interested in finding out more about the feature then contact Leanne now on 0207 985 1942 or email

Calling all Young Brides and Grooms!

BBC Radio 1xtra are making a radio programme looking at how it feels to get married young, and I'm really keen to hear from anyone who is getting married in the next few months who are under 24? I'm also keen to hear from anyone who is already married, who's under 30?

If that sounds like you, please email: or give me a buzz for a chat on 0207 453 1661

True Life stories

My name is Rebecca Rampling and I am a freelance journalist who has over five years experience working for national newspapers and magazines. I am looking for stories for real sections of magazines. Have you survived a messy divorce? Did your ex cheat on you? Do you and your partner have a successful relationship despite a huge age gap? Or of you have a tender heartwarming story of love over the ages, please get in contact today on I will pay you on publication of the article.

Rekindled Romance?

TV show is looking for couples who have rekindled a romance. Maybe things didn't work out first time around but you got back together or perhaps you've married the same person twice?

If you have got back with an ex and ended up living happily ever after then contact the team now:

Has your marriage been saved through counselling?

I\'m a writer looking for a couple who have successfully been through marriage counselling, to share their story with a women\'s magazine. You will be paid £400 for your story and you will be able to see whatever is written before it goes to print. However, we WILL require pictures of you so no anonymous stories please. For further details - without any obligation to appear - please contact Thank you

Remarrying each other

I am a journalist researching an article for the Guardian on couples who have divorced and then remarried each other. If anyone who has done this would be interested in discussing the ins and outs of doing so, please do get in touch with me. Many thanks.

Married for the third time?

Have you recently remarried for a third (or fourth) time? The Independent on Sunday is doing a cover feature on weddings today, and it's looking to speak to a bride who has recently (last two years or so) remarried, to talk to us about their big day.

The Independent on Sunday's colour supplement, the New Review is producing a large cover feature on weddings today in the UK. The main thrust of the piece will focus on speaking to a variety of brides from different backgrounds and circumstances, who've had their wedding recently. We would chat to them about their big day, why it was so special and what it all felt like.

We're currently looking for a bride who has recently has recently (last two years or so) remarried, for a third (or fourth) time, who would be happy to chat about her big day, what it meant to her and how it went. We've asked each bride to provide a picture of them and their partner. The interview would take the form of a 20-minute phone interview and the piece would be entirely in the participants own words.

Interested and have any further questions, please call Adam, on 020 7005 2520, or email

Survived an affair

I am putting together a feature for a quality women's monthly magazine and would like to speak to a couple who are willing to be identified, on the subject of their marriage surviving an affair.Please contact Joan McFadden.

Sexless marriage because HE doesn't want to

I am writing a feature for a glossy women's magazine about women who don't have sex - because the man in the relationship doesn't want to.

As part of this feature I am looking for a couple who are willing to be interviewed about this experience. Maybe you didn't have sex for a while because of pregnancy/breast-feeding? Maybe you haven't been having sex because you are both working too hard and too tired?

Whatever the reason is that HE doesn't want to have sex, I would love to hear from you. Please contact me on with your name and a contact telephone number. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Catherine

Ever been involved in, or hurt by an affair?

Have you ever been involved in an affair? Maybe you've been the person who was cheated on.

Independent production company, Zig Zag Productions, are developing a programme about adultery and its effects for Channel 4's Cutting Edge.

If you think that your story would be suitable and you'd like to learn a little bit more about the programme then call Tom Barry on 020 7017 8755 or drop him an email at

At this stage, it really is just a chat and you would be under absolutely no obligation to take it any further.

Do you need legal help? Is the law on your side? Do you want to know your rights?

Then the BBC would like to talk to you about a new show that could help.


  • You're having a row with your neighbour and things are getting heated.
  • Your flatmate owes you £1,000 but refuses to pay you back.
  • You've fallen out with your family over a will.

We'll be using a team of mediators and legal experts to give you the best advice possible, and help get things under control BEFORE you end up in a solicitor's office OR a court room.

If it sounds like we could help you, please give us a call on 09015 22 33 33 or alternatively email us at with your name, phone number, town, and a brief summary of your legal dilemma. Calls cost 15p from a BT landline. Mobiles and other networks may be higher.

Quality national newspaper seeks stories of love that didn't last

I’m looking for ex-couples to interview for the Observer Woman’s Ex-Files column.

There are lots of examples of previous Ex-Files here

I’d just need a chat about a previous relationship and the lessons you learnt from it, nothing salacious or bitchy, just an overview - how you got together, what went wrong, and how you’ve moved on, that kind of thing. I need both partners’ perspectives, so I'd be speaking to your ex about it too. But interviews will take place separately and can be by phone, email, or in person if you live in or around London – whatever you prefer.

Apparently the ex-couples who take part usually find it quite therapeutic and interesting to hear what their ex has to say.

The paper is happy to plug interviewees’ books, blogs, websites, businesses, or charities, etc. and they would probably want to photograph you for the article.

You don’t have to contact your ex yourself if you don’t want to, just let me know their email address and I’ll get in touch and find out if they’d like to be interviewed.

Please drop me an email if you're interested:

Getting hitched but getting cold feet? Desparate to solve your problems before the big day?

E4 are looking for couples who would like to get married but are having relationship problems that they would like to iron out first. We'll offer relationship advice for each couple and if everything gets sorted we'll take care of the wedding plans! If you and your partner feel that you could benefit from some professional and impartial advice we would love to hear from you.

Please call Samantha on 02079073421 or email

Is your marriage stuck in a rut?

Channel Five are looking for couples whose love life has lost its spark for a major new realtionship makeover series. We will fly you away to a romantic destination and help you put the zing back in your marriage. Tel 0870 0625092 email

Couples wanted for BBC programme

My name is Jennifer Daniel and I work for the BBC's Religion and Ethics Department. I am working on a discussion programme for Radio 4 as part of their Sexuality Season. The programme is exploring how our perception, practice and expectation of sex within our relationships has changed over the last forty years.

I am looking to speaking to couples married, or co-habiting of all ages who would be willing to talk about how sex works within their relationship. If you are able to help please call me before Friday on 0161 244 3619 or email me at

Did you marry someone form a different family background?

Researchers at the University of Manchester would like to talk to people who are married to, or in a long term relationship with, someone from a different family background (they are especially - but not exclusively - interested in people who live in the North West). They want to talk about what it is like to live with someone who was brought up in a different way and/or in a different place. They are interested in all kinds of different background: religion, ethnicity, class, values, etc. They are also interested in talking to people about the ways they blend family traditions and rituals.

There is a web-site about the project which allows people to sign up online and provides some information about what they are doing: For more information contact Stewart Muir on 0161 275 7852.

Have you found, or rediscovered, love late in life?

A journalist working for BBC Radio Stoke is producing a series looking at people finding 'love again' later in life. He is looking at covering the subject from a variety of angles. As well as hearing stories from couples who've found a second love after a bereavement or divorce, he is also looking at how people go about looking for love a second time around. But he also thinks it would be really interesting to hear from a couple who've found love again in a relationship they're in already. He is wanting to hear the personal stories of couples who've rekindled that love a second time around. This could include things like renewing their wedding vows and other ways they've established that love a second time around.

The broadcast area covers South Cheshire and North Staffordshire so he is looking to speak to people in this area. It would all be pre recorded and edited (i.e. not live) and is nothing too scary. He is just interested in people stories. If anyone can help, please contact Mick Tucker at or ring on 07940 774607. He is looking to put this series out in the next few weeks so do contact him as soon as possible.

Couples wanted for TV documentary

A reputable London television production company is developing an enquiring and quirky documentary to be shown on British TV about people in the UK who share a bed every night, looking at the myriad of behaviours we deal with while falling asleep, staying asleep and waking up each morning beside a partner.

Mixing light-hearted humour and serious analysis, it'll explore the daily routines and realities of sharing a bed with another person, revealing much that is important - and much perhaps that isn't so important - about sleep, relationships and modern British society.

We're now looking for couples who might be interested in taking part in this documentary. We'd like to feature a wide-ranging mix of normal, everyday people with both very ordinary and highly unusual stories to tell, some about health and happiness, some concerning sickness and sadness, all of which in some way reveal a different facet of what it means to share a bed in the UK today.

To find out more, go to - we look forward to hearing from you!

Families Wanted for a New Heart Warming Television Series

Does you family lead a busy and hectic life? Is family time currently taking a back seat?

We are looking to make a new family orientated television programme which aims to touch the hearts of families across the country.

If you and your family are interested we would to hear from you. Please contact Kayleigh on 0207 013 4410 or email

Do you want help to save your marriage?

True North productions are looking for couples who want to save their marraiges but need help to do so for a programme for the BBC. If you are serious about staying together but finding it hard then please get in touch.

Call Carla on 0113 222 7639 or email All contact will be treated confidentially and sensitively.

Relationship stories for Reveal magazine

Do you have a bizarre, quirky or moving relationship story to tell? If so, please get in touch. To give you an idea of what we we are looking for, recent relationship stories include: two sisters sharing the same man, a woman who is marrying her best friend\'s dad, a touching story about a woman with terminal cancer who married her partner in the final weeks of her life, a man who lost his bride on their wedding day.

If you think you have a story that might be of interest to us, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. You will be treated sensitively and will be paid a fee for your time.

Contact: Laura Mannering, Senior Features Writer, Reveal, 0207 339 4560 or by email:

Calling all Young Brides

Granada Television is making a one hour documentary for ITV1 about teenagers who married young. If you got married aged 16 – 18 and would like to talk about your experience of marriage, we’d like to talk to you.

Please call or send an email to Nicole Taylor on 0207 261 3823, or Melanie Tompkins on 0207 578 4227, or

Looking for your Mr or Mrs Right?

Worried that you’re never going to get married?

A new BBC2 documentary series is here to help.

We want to speak to people who are ready to tie the knot but need some help in the love department. If you’re aged 30 – 45 and this sounds like you or someone you know then we want to hear from you. Contact Sukhi on 0207 2900660 ext 267 or 07740 337970 or email

Getting back together

A journalist is looking for couples who have divorced and got back together again. Its for an upbeat feature on 'falling in love again' for an upmarket Sunday newspaper supplement. If you can help, please email: - many thanks

Calling New parents

Outline Productions, the creators of BBC3’s hit parenting series, The House of Tiny Tearaways are currently searching for young families for a new expert-led parenting series which aims to help young parents, or expectant parents, with any problems they may be experiencing or concerned with. We are looking for all types of young families who are experiencing all sorts of difficulties with their children, from temper tantrums and sleep problems, to faddy eaters, children with anxieties or phobias, but also parents who are feeling fed up generally, or just in need of a bit of reassurance. For more information contact Clare on

Working through the tough times

Is your relationship going through a rough patch?

Do you or your partner find it hard to be open and honest in your relationship?

Have either you or your partner been unfaithful?

A TV company is making a documentary about couples who are committed to giving their relationship another go... If you are looking for help with your relationship then please contact Sarah on 07989 966129 or 020 7497 4076 or email her on

Extraordinary real life story wanted for woman's magazine

Have you and your partner overcome the oddest thing to remain or get together? Perhaps his bad habits or crazy hobby drove you apart for a while or you met through difficult circumstances? Give your selves a pat on the back - sharing helps you and inspires others.

Real names and photos are required. Top fee paid. I have an open mind, so please get in touch without delay with brief details and we'll have a friendly chat to assess your story. I must be the first and only national print journalist you've spoken to though. Do it now. Thanks!

Susan Wallace TEL: 0151 233 3689 EMAIL:


Are you determined that you're going to find your Mr Right this year? Tired of seeing other people settle down and you're left wondering why it's not you? Are you willing to go to extreme lengths to find your perfect partner?

If any of these statements sound like they apply to you or you found your Mr Right by being pro-active, please get in touch asap for Glamour relationships feature I'm writing. If you're worried about names, I can change them. Cheers, Sarah


MTV are making a documentary about YOUNG LOVE in the UK and we want your stories. We are planning to follow a selection of young people for a new one hour documentary.

We want to look at love from all angles and we are looking for a young people with interesting stories or experiences relating to love - this is a monster subject but if you’ve got a killer tale then let us know.


We also want to find people who have had interesting experiences around this subject. If something around this issue affects you then let us know.



I write for a new upmarket weekly magazine and am looking to speak to women aged 25-55 who have married the same man twice. Perhaps things didn't work out first time but you got back together and life couldn't be better? Please email me at if you can help. Many thanks.

Confessions - in a garden shed!

I am making a documentary for BBC2 about married/divorced life in Britain today. We are using the garden shed as a type of \'confession box\' which will be the focus of the film, I am looking for people who might be interested in contributing. Contact Daniel Vernon if you are interested in participating.

Channel 4 - Wife Swap

Are you a fun outgoing family who love life? Could others learn from the way you live your life? Do you think you've got it made and would like to try something different?

The Channel 4 documentary series "Wife Swap" would love to hear from you. Call Melissa on 020 7014 4514 or email


Are you having an affair? Have you been unfaithful in the past? Or is it you that has been cheated on?

A leading TV production company, Love Productions, is developing a sensitive and intelligent documentary on infidelity, and is keen to hear from people who can talk about their experience of an affair, whether the relationship is still continuing or not.

All research is being undertaken in complete confidence, and there is no commitment to take part at this stage.

The documentary is also able to offer a supported environment for any individuals who wish to come clean to their partner about the infidelity issues in their relationship. Couples will be given expert marriage counselling advice to get their relationships back on track.

If you wish to find out more about the documentary, please call or email Jane at or 0207 497 4076.

Do you have a great Christmas story?

A top women’s glossy monthly magazine is looking for great Christmas stories from UK women – happy, romantic, dramatic or shocking, we want to hear about it!

  • Do you have an incredible Christmas proposal story?
  • Did you meet your husband at a nativity play?
  • Was a surprise baby born on Christmas day?
  • Did you have a spooky Christmas encounter?
  • Did you overcome a tragedy in the holidays that turned your life around?
  • Maybe the Christmas season changed your life in a big way?
  • Or a photo of you at a Christmas party encouraged you to have surgery or dramatic weight loss?

Whatever your story get in touch. The more details you send the better your chance of being chosen. There will be a thank you payment and a great photoshoot in London. Please email

Disappointed by your wedding?

Was your wedding day a big disappointment? Did the day of your dreams turn out to be a disaster? Would you like a second chance to renew your vows in a new television programme?

RDF Media, the award winning makers of Faking It, are looking to give couples a second chance at their big day. You need to have been married for 5 years or more, have video footage of your original wedding day and enjoy documenting special occasions. If interested please contact Becky Maynard on 0207 013 4598 or email at

Do you have a job-shy partner or grown-up kid?

  • Has your husband, wife or grown up child never done hard a day’s work in their life?
  • Do they live off your hard earned money?
  • Would they do anything to avoid getting a job?
  • Are they a contender for the laziest person in Britain?

Betty TV would like to hear from you if you know someone who’s never really had a job in their life, for a FUN documentary series... Please contact Jess on Tel: 020 7907 0873 or Email:

Honey, I'm in debt!

Have you been having a love affair with credit! Are you a debt deceiver? Have you been spending money like it’s going out of fashion? Maybe you’ve been spending beyond your means to keep both yourself and your partner happy and it’s now out of control. Do you feel it’s time to reveal the extent of your spending to your partner with the aid of our ITV1 NETWORK programme.

We are looking for 3 couples to take part in our programme. Please contact Jacqui on 0161 827 2658 or 0773 6089154, or Email

Help with Best Man’s Speech

A new television show for ITV is looking for all BEST MEN. Are you a best man who is scared stiff of speeches or are you gagging for new gags? Is your best man giving YOU cause for concern, and is the thought of their speech giving you sleepless nights? Either way we want you hear from you. We are teaming up best men with a top comic to create an unforgettable speech. If the wedding is between June and August 2006 please call Jodie at Scream Films on: 0208 9965569 or email

Mature and married?

Best Selling Mature Woman's Glossy is looking for couples who have been married for at least 15 years if not longer but married later in life (late 30s/early forties etc). We would like to talk to you about what makes your marriage so successful and how marrying later in life has been beneficial to your relationship. This is part of a feature celebrating marriage. The piece would involve a telephone interview and possibly a photo shoot. If you would interested in taking part and talking about your marriage, please email me at

Media Requests

If you are a researcher or similar looking for couples with particular experiences or outlooks do contact us and we will do our best to assist.

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